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Pet Wellness Programs

Woodhaven Animal Health

Woodhaven Animal Health provides pet wellness care. Physical examinations should be done on a regular basis to ensure your pet’s health.

Routine exams allow your veterinarian to build a picture of your pet’s overall health and establish baseline health measurements. Exams are also important for detecting abnormalities before they become significant health issues, ensuring that your pet has the best possible outcome. Our veterinarians recommend a full physical exam for your adult pet once a year and twice a year for your senior pet.

We endeavor to deliver the best possible service to our clients, and we value your input in the decision-making process. During your pet’s wellness exam, we’ll address any questions you have about your pet’s health, including nutrition, behavior, our animal hospital’s services, and any other concerns you have about keeping your pet happy and healthy.

We value your connection with your pet and look forward to working with you on your pet’s health care.